Volume 4, Issue 4, Winter 2021, Page 45 - 65
Author(s) :
Mehran Vahdati 1 , Zahra Dehkharghani Lotf Abadi *2
1 Assistant Professor, Basir Institute of Higher Education, Qazvin, Iran
2 Master Student of Accounting, Basir Institute of Higher Education, Qazvin, Iran

Abstract :
The purpose of this study is the effect of the moderating role of managerial ownership on the relationship between corporate governance mechanisms and human capital information disclosure in firms listed on the Tehran Stock Exchange. To achieve this goal, three mechanisms (board independence, board gender diversity, board activity) were used to calculate corporate governance, and a checklist with six indicators (staff training and practice) was used to calculate human capital disclosure. Staff age, staff work experience, staff education level, number of staff and welfare operations for staff health) were used. The statistical sample includes 82 companies during the period 2010 to 2019. Hypothesis testing was performed using linear regression with Eviews software. The results showed that board independence has a significant effect on human capital disclosure and also managerial ownership modulates the relationship between board independence and human capital disclosure, while gender diversity of the board and board activity have a significant effect on human capital disclosure. Managerial ownership doesn’t moderate the relationship between the gender diversity of the board and the board\'s activities with the disclosure of human capital.

Keywords :
Managerial ownership, Corporate governance, Human capital information, Board independence, Tehran Stock Exchange.

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Receive Date
16 Dec 2021
Revise Date
30 Dec 2021
Accept Date
04 Jan 2022